Review: A Film With Me In It (2009)

afilmDirected by Ian Fitzgibbon

Starring: Dylan Moran, Mark Doherty, Keith Allen, Amy Huberman

One death is an accident. Two are a coincidence. Three and a dead dog, well, that’s just bad DIY. In this coal-black farce, set among the elegant but crumbling Victorian apartments of Dublin, the luck of the Irish is all dreadful. Indolent actor Mark (Doherty) and his neighbor, failed film writer and failed recovering alcoholic Pierce (Moran), are wastrels with no lives. But they quickly become the only characters left alive as a series of avoidable deaths in the ill-repaired house they share claims everyone they would have a motive for killing.

Like a Final Destination movie with a Harold Pinter script, the entire ramshackle edifice becomes a Rube Goldberg machine of death, adding a ghoulish hilarity to proceedings as the two protagonists, stone-faced and sweaty-palmed, concoct plausible reasons for why Mark’s apartment has more cadavers than a funeral home in midwinter. Hiding the bodies has rarely been so bleakly hilarious.

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