Review: Shuttle (2008)

shuttleDirected by Edward Anderson

Starring: Peyton List, Cameron Goodman, Cullen Douglas, Dave Power, James Snyder, Tony Curran

There’s no sinking feeling like taking a cab and the driver going left instead of right, into a bit of town that just can’t be the quickest route. That loss of control is the start of Shuttle‘s horrific road trip, where five travelers get picked up by an airport shuttle, putting their increasingly gory fate in the hands of the stranger at the wheel.

It starts as a dry, subdued thriller, where small acts of violence happen offscreen or silently; the film incrementally ratchets up the tension into a realm some may dismiss as torture-porn.

Like the passengers, some parts of the audience may find themselves somewhere bloodier and more disturbing than they expected to end up. But first-time director Edward Anderson balances what could have been a lowbrow slasher with a glacial tone that never relents and leads hardened horror fans to a stomach-churning conclusion.

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